Wed. Aug 7, 2019 - Tribute to Mose Scarlett - Tranzac Club Toronto w/Ken Whiteleyy, Tony Quarrington, Brent Titcomb and a host of artists. 

I'd forgotten about this one!


Sat. Sep 14, 2019 - Guelph Jazz Festival w/Brenda Lewis Trio, Diana Restaurant 6pm
Wed. Aug 7, 2019 - Tribute to Mose Scarlett - Tranzac Club Toronto w/Ken Whiteley, Tony Quarrington, Brent Titcomb and a host of artists.
Sat. Jun 29 - Toronto Jazz Festival, Hemingway's in Yorkville 10pm-1am. TRIO.
Sat. Jan 26 - Free Times Cafe, Toronto, w/Max Woolaver Band 
Sat. Feb 9 - Dakota Tavern, Toronto w/Vintage Vixens, 10pm-2am.Yippy!
Fri. Feb 15 - 12-2pm, Jackie Washington Day, Hamilton Public Library, w/Mose Scarlett, Chris Robinson, Ginger St James with Henry Strong on bass
Sat. Feb 23- Winterfolk, For King and Country (Don't miss this rare WW1 show written by Tony Quarrington!) Black Swan Saturday afternoon. 

Sat. Mar 16 - The Pilot Tavern, Toronto, matinee 2:30 pm w/Jeremy Price Quartet 
Sun. May 3 - The Jazz Room, Waterloo w/Brenda Lewis
Fri. May 17 - Joe Hall Tribute, Tranzac Club Toronto. In houseband w/Tony Quarrington et al. 
Sat. Jun 29 - Toronto Jazz Festival, Hemingway's in Yorkville 10pm-1am.  Wed. Aug 7 - Mose Scarlett Tribute, Tranzac Club Toronto
Sun. Nov 3 - Blues for the Red Door, Lula Lounge Toronto w/Big Rude Jake
Sun. Nov 10 - For King and Country, WW1 show - Alymer ON, w/Tony Quarrington et al  

Below - For King and Country at Winterfolk Sat Feb 23, 2019 afternoon Black Swan Toronto

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Here I am playing in Paris with Sean Gourley way back in 2013 - check out pictures of me playing all over the place.

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Adventures of the Red Guitar
(feature - Track 1 Mag's Groove, featuring the great Kathryn Moses on flute)


LISTEN - Margaret Stowe and Tony Quarrington play an old folk song Shady Grove


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