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What's new on the historical front?
The Dr. Jaffrey Song - let's give our local hero a cheer!
To learn more about his story and convalescent plasma serum CLICK HERE
Featuring Tony Quarrington, Ian Bell, Bob Bratina, Ian Thomas, Sonny Del-Rio, Margaret Stowe, Jeff Bird, Michelle Josef.

A song for COVID-19. Don't Get Around Much Anymore

Attention Hamiltonians
Help me put some names to faces. I made this video for the people of Hamilton. I was scheduled to do a talk in March but it was cancelled due to corona virus. This is a collection of unidentified young woman from Hamilton Ontario, all born around 1896-1900. Check it out, and let me know if you recognize your grandmother. Confidential. If you are over 60 and are from Hamilton, your grandmother may be shown in this slideshow.
Mose Scarlett and I provide some music for your viewing pleasure. (thanks Borealis)

Is this your grandmother?


GIGS 2019 (scroll down for list)

Fri Nov 29, 8:30-10:30pm, Dakota Tavern Toronto - I'll be playing with the Galactic Gals Space Event featuring Lily Frost, Rebecca Everett, Courtenay Stevens, and others, and the band! This should be a blast! Space music, readings, visuals, even a Tarot card reading. It's an early show so everyone should be able to come. This is something really different, a FUN multi media experience. Blast off to Planet Claire.

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I'd forgotten about this video!



Sat Dec 7, 2019 - For King and Country, Acoustic Harvest Toronto w/Tony Quarrington et alFri Nov 29, 2019 - Galactic Gals, w/Lily Frost, Rebecca Everett et al, Dakota Tavern 8:30-10:30pm Sun Nov 10, 2019 - For King and Country, Alymer Town Hall Theatre 2pm
Sun Nov 3, 2019 - Blues for the Red Door w/Big Rude Jake Lula Lounge Toronto 8pm
Sat. Sep 14, 2019 - Guelph Jazz Festival w/Brenda Lewis Trio, Diana Restaurant 6pm
Wed. Aug 7, 2019 - Tribute to Mose Scarlett - Tranzac Club Toronto w/Ken Whiteley, Tony Quarrington, Brent Titcomb and a host of artists.
Sat. Jun 29 - Toronto Jazz Festival, Hemingway's in Yorkville 10pm-1am. TRIO.

Fri. May 17 - Joe Hall Tribute, Tranzac Club Toronto. In houseband w/Tony Quarrington et al.
May 3 - The Jazz Room, Waterloo w/Brenda LewisSat. Mar 16 - The Pilot Tavern, Toronto, matinee 2:30 pm w/Jeremy Price Quartet Sun. Sat. Feb 23- Winterfolk, For King and Country (Don't miss this rare WW1 show written by Tony Quarrington!) Black Swan Saturday afternoon. 
Sat. Feb 9 - Dakota Tavern, Toronto w/Vintage Vixens, 10pm-2am.Yippy!Sat Feb 23, 2019 - For King and Country at Winterfolk  afternoon Black Swan Toronto
Fri. Feb 15 - 12-2pm, Jackie Washington Day, Hamilton Public Library, w/Mose Scarlett, Chris Robinson, Ginger St James with Henry Strong on bass
Sat. Jan 26 - Free Times Cafe, Toronto, w/Max Woolaver Band



Here I am playing in Paris with Sean Gourley way back in 2013 - check out pictures of me playing all over the place.

Mello Jello Read Reviews

Adventures of the Red Guitar
(feature - Track 1 Mag's Groove, featuring the great Kathryn Moses on flute)


LISTEN - Margaret Stowe and Tony Quarrington play an old folk song Shady Grove


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My current WW1 projects - FINISHED Album For King and Country original songs of World War One by Tony Quarrington. Tony is a brilliant songwriter and several luminaries will be featured on the album. I'm recording, engineering, co-producing and playing something on most of the tracks. Here is the first released song, on YouTube along with a story I wrote, Welcome to the Theatre of War, which proceeds the song.On this I'm playing keys and sound effects.



MSTQ / MySTiQue - A wonderful new guitar duet CD from Margaret Stowe and Tony Quarrington, is now available! 14 great instrumental tracks (1 vocal track too!). Something for everyone - original jazz - country - our favourite covers, from Hank Williams to Grapes of Wrath - and Tony sings too!, plus a bonus live track, a Daisy DeBolt Medley, live at Hugh's Room Toronto.
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