CD Packages I've created

I've had the pleasure of creating some CD packages for other artists.
Most packages are 4 panel or 4 panel digipak (with spine).

Hey Stella! - Hey Stella!

Daisy DeBolt - Live Each Day With Soul

Rosemary Galloway Quartet - The Rosemary Galloway Quartet

Chuck Last - VOTE CHUCK

Chris Murphy - Blowin' The Horn

Oliver Whitehead & Marg Stowe - Resonance 

Jane Fair Rosemary Galloway Quintet - Playin' Jane

Margaret Stowe - Mellow Jello

Margaret Stowe - Adventures of the Red Guitar

Margaret Stowe - Things I Do

CD packages for Speakeasy CDs (Chris Murphy's label)

Chicago Pete - The Blues is Alright

Old Chicago Blues Band - Fourth Anniversary