"Guitarist Margaret Stowe is a constant delight."
Exclaim! Magazine Toronto (Toronto Women's Blues Review , CD review)

"It's hard to take your ears and eyes off Stowe."
London Free Press (feature article)

"Most impressive was Margaret Stowe on guitar."
Globe and Mail, Toronto (Toronto Women's Blues Review, Massey Hall Concert review)

"She is an amazing player"
Steve Fruitman CIUT FM Toronto (Lenny Breau Award)

"I love this album! I continue to be impressed by Marg's facility on the guitar."
David Kidney, Greenman Reviews

"Stowe's departure point is jazz, but her style ranges from folk to blues to world beats, propelled by her trademark high energy and eclectic tastes."
Prague Post CZ

"Eres potente!" - Juan Riuz, presenter Madrid

"Stowe jumped into every song with flourish and style." -
Welland Tribune (concert review w/Jackie Washington)

"I love MELLO JELLO." - Shelagh Rogers CBC Radio

”I love it.” - Jaymz Bee JAZZFM91 Toronto (Adventures of the Red Guitar)


"..Still, it's hard to take your ears and eyes off Stowe.
Stowe also smokes the lights out on guitar..."
Stowe excels in any style... (feature)
London Free Press, Sept/2000 James Reaney, Columnist

"Stowe's departure point is jazz, but her style ranges from folk to blues to world beats... propelled by Stowe's trademark high energy and eclectic tastes.." 

Prague Post (cover) Night and Day

"Stowe jumped into every song with flourish and style." 
Welland Tribune, October 2005 Concert Review: with Jackie Washington.


".... the vocals often amounted to filler for dazzling displays by the horn-charged supporting combo.
Blame it on guitarist Marg Stowe, trumpeter Lina Allemano, saxophonist Pat Wheeler and ...... reed woman Jane Bunnett........
NOW Magazine, Toronto, November 27, 1997
Review: Toronto Womens' Blues Revue


 "London jazz guitarist Marg Stowe, tireless creator of music ensembles wanted to put together another featuring the best of female jazz performers in Canada...... ...she rattled the tree branches in the park with her exciting versatile work."

Review: Margaret Stowe's S'Women In Blues (featuring Rita Chiarelli, Georgette Fry et al) by Sandra CoulsonLondon Free Press, June 29, 1998


"When Denise sang it (Summertime)..I couldn't believe what Marg Stowe was playing on the guitar. It was so emotional ....... ...She can do anything."
Kitchener Record. March 97


"Guitarist Stowe is, simply, amazing. She plays long fluid lines that never seem to stop, the ideas pouring out of her in an uninterrupted flow. ...At times as gentle as Bickert, she turns around and lets fly with the energy of George Benson, but always with accuracy and so, so tasteful." By Harry Currie.Kitchener Record. Oct. 94 Review: Pelley-Stowe Band at Chicago's. 


"The Toronto Blues Society's 14th Annual Toronto Women's Blues Revue rocks the city once again"
International Musician October 2000



The original Sister Act 
Kitchener/Waterloo Record Paula Schuck, August 3, 1995 

Jane Ellenton, Doreen Smith, Diane Bruneault, Marg Ingleton, Margaret Stowe, Dale Brendon, Molly Kurvink, Katrina Maugham


London Free Press 

Playing with Band of Ednas 

Cover of Scene Magazine
London Ontario

UWO -Gazette "Guitars Come Out Tonight" Margaret Stowe and Matt Murphy

Missa Gaia: the mystery unfolds (article) Scene Magazine, London
By Donald D'Haene 

Members of the Missa Gaia Jazz Ensemble, with musical director Karen Ann Schuessler.